Chain Splitter






Ti6Al4V Titanium alloy




Plasma nitride


titanium nitride


windeler magnetic connection


CS01 chain splitter

An essential tool to take when jumping in the saddle for either a short blast or a long expedition. 

Fix your chain on the go. Lightweight and durable. 

Made from Ti alloy. Plasma hardened for durability. 

An essential for your cycle stak. Use it to split your chain for repairs on the go.

Note: 3mm Hex key required for proper operation 

The impact of material choice in design and engineering

The SR-71 Blackbird is still the fastest manned, air-breathing aircraft ever made. It travelled at three and a half times the speed of sound and could fly at altitudes of 85,000 ft. To achieve that it needed a power to weight ratio never before seen in an aircraft.  The team at Lockheed’s Skunk Works turned to a newly developed group of materials. Titanium alloys. The SR-71 pioneered the use of titanium alloy in the aerospace industry. 92% of this aeroplane was constructed from this material which gave it an insane power to weight ratio. The material choice was instrumental in allowing this incredible machine to fly at mach 3.5

A mysterious discovery that changed the world

In 1791 Cornishman William Gregor began a detailed chemical analysis on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. He unearthed a metal ore previously unknown to science with strange properties.

 Titanium – Named after the Titans of Greek mythology because of it’s other-worldly properties. It’s lightweight, tough, non toxic, non magnetic and non corrosive. Half the density of steel but with high tensile strength which makes it perfect for anything where weight and strength are important.  This made it a prized material for the aerospace industry in the early and mid 20th Century where it was developed and first alloyed.

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