Extra Stak
Extra Stak
Extra Stak
Extra Stak
Extra Stak
Extra Stak
Extra Stak
Extra Stak


Extra Stak

Sale price£149.00 GBP
Blade steel:LC200N

Our Brand new Extra Stak,fully redesigned

Now with a choice of blade steel

We’ve re-designed and updated the Extra Stak to be even better than our previous version. It still retains the ultra-minimal design aesthetic that Windeler strives for but it now includes our re-engineered Monoscale™ pocket knife with a choice of blade steel and our five-in-one hybrid tool.

The P01 PryOpener is our brand new hybrid tool. Five functions in one sleek and lightweight package. Pry, open, screw, slice and wrench. The new Extra Stak also includes a PH2 Phillips head driver with 90° double driver head for extra torque and to reach into awkward places as well as the highly useful little FH4 flat head driver. All machined in Ti6AL4V, bead blasted to a satin finish. Each new tool comes with a brand new Polnetik™ connector design with updated 316 marine grade Stainless steel magnet shells for smoother rotation and a stepped CD pattern machined into the surface to guard the shell from scratches and keep your Windeler logo and lettering looking fresh for longer. Of course, the N52 Neodymium magnet cocooned deep inside is still “hyper magnetic” to keep your tools bound together firmly under all conditions.


Modular tools
Every tool contains Windeler’s Polnetik™ connector

100% corrosion resistant
Ti6Al4V and 316 Marine grade stainless steel

Easy to clean
Simply pull them apart, wipe them down or wash them off

No more jamming multitools
Windeler’s system prevents jamming mechanisms


Tool list
Monoscale, P01, PH2, FH4


Stak Thickness

Stak Length


Monoscale™ material

LC200N or 440C blade and 6AL4V handle

Bound together by Windeler's powerful Polnetik™ connector

Extra tools, extra functionality

Carry as a Stak, use individually


Designed to be used anywhere

Drop point blade

Add to your Stak

Bead and LanyardBead and Lanyard
Bead and Lanyard
Sale price£15.00 GBP

4 colors available

Sold out
TX20 – Torx Head DriverTX20 – Torx Head Driver
TX20 – Torx Head Driver
Sale price£20.00 GBP

At the core of every tool is Windeler's powerful Polnetik™ connector