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Be ready for more.

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Monoscale™ Knife, Bottle Opener, Pry Bar, Philips Driver, Small medium and large Flat Head Driver

Titanium Alloy

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The Extra Stak contains all the essentials to be ready for anything plus two extra driver tools





6Al4V and 440C


102mm x 25mm x 18mm


Plasma Hardened satin finish

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FH4 – Flat Head driver

Made in Plasma hardened Titanium alloy. FH4 gives you a bit of extra functionality in your Stak. Pull it out of your Stak, make a repair or adjustment and keep moving.

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Bottle opener

BTL01 – Bottle Opener

An essential for any multitool setup and always good to have in your pocket. BTL01 also has a medium Flat Head tip to give it a little extra functionality when needed.

PB01 – Pry Tool

Versatile and tough, this hybrid tool combines the functionality of a prybar, large flat head driver and packaging opener in one tool. Made from Plasma hardened Titanium alloy.

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PH2 – Phillips Head

One of the most useful driver tools there is. This takes the Extra Stak to the next level and allows you to get stuck into fixing and adjusting a wide range of things.

Made in Plasma Hardened Titanium alloy, PH2 is lightweight, tough and versatile.

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At the core of every tool is Windeler's powerful Polnetik™ connector

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