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Surf Stak


Wax comb/stripper, bottle opener, Medium flat head driver, 2 Fin keys

Weight of stak


Depth of stak


Stak length



TITANIUM ALLOY and glass filled nylon


titanium nitride hardened


windeler magnetic connection



Surf Stak.

With you from dawn patrol to evening glass off.

Sling this is in your backpack, board-bag or pocket. 

100% non corrosive. Salt water and sand are not a problem. Just pull your Stak apart, wash off and snap them back together.

Includes a full size wax comb and stripper, Single-Fin key for longboards or retro rockets, Hex-Head Fin key for multi fin setup and a bottle opener and medium flat head driver for when the sun sets on your session. 

WX01 – Wax comb is made from glass filled nylon with a satin finish

Fin keys – Made from Titanium alloy. Plasma hardened for durability.

BTL01 – Bottle opener and medium flat-head driver made from Titanium alloy. plasma hardened for durability.

Extreme conditions require extreme materials

We use titanium alloy for a reason. It’s high Tensile strength to density ratio. In layman’s terms it’s strong and light. In fact it’s half the weight of standard steel. This makes it the perfect material choice for anything where weight is important. Titanium alloy was originally developed for the aerospace industry to allow planes and spacecraft to fly faster, higher and further. We have chosen to apply it to the world of outdoor adventure sports for the same basic reasons. When you are on your bike or in the mountains you feel every gram that you carry. Windeler tools are designed to be unnoticeable on your adventure until the moment you need them allowing you to go further, higher and faster.

A mysterious discovery that changed the world

In 1791 Cornishman William Gregor began a detailed chemical analysis on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. He unearthed a metal ore previously unknown to science with strange properties.

Titanium – Named after the Titans of Greek mythology because of it’s other-worldly properties. It’s lightweight, tough, non toxic, non magnetic and non corrosive. Half the density of steel but with high tensile strength which makes it perfect for anything where weight and strength are important.  This made it a prized material for the aerospace industry in the early and mid 20th Century where it was developed and first alloyed.

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