T20 torx






Ti6Al4V Titanium alloy




titanium nitride hardened


Nitride gold finish and brushed Stainless magnet case


windeler magnetic connection


Lightweight, double headed T20 Torx driver

Made from Ti alloy. Plasma hardened for durability. 

Goes well in your cycle stak. Great for bike maintenance and other medium bolt applications.

Windeler tools have a molecular, armoured shell

Plasma nitriding is a high tech treatment which gives metal parts incredibly hard surfaces. It’s a low pressure process carried out in chamber filled with a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen. A very high voltage is applied between the component and the chamber wall. This generates a purple plasma around the part. On the surface of the part, nitrogen-rich nitrides are formed and decompose, releasing active nitrogen which penetrates the metal surface and forms a hard shell in the top layers of the part. Plasma nitriding allows modification of the surface according to the desired properties. Tailor made layers and hardness profiles can be achieved by adapting the gas mixture.

The impact of material choice in design and engineering

The SR-71 Blackbird is still the fastest manned, air-breathing aircraft ever made. It travelled at three and a half times the speed of sound and could fly at altitudes of 85,000 ft. To achieve that it needed a power to weight ratio never before seen in an aircraft.  The team at Lockheed’s Skunk Works turned to a newly developed group of materials. Titanium alloys.

The SR-71 pioneered the use of titanium alloy in the aerospace industry. 92% of this aeroplane was constructed from this material which gave it an insane power to weight ratio. The material choice was instrumental in allowing this incredible machine to fly at mach 3.5

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