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Lightweight but durable little wax comb and wax stripper. An essential tool for your surf stack. Rounded teeth on one side, Chamfered stripper on the other side. Use it to strip old wax off your board and roughen new wax for traction.

How to prevent a barefoot surfer sliding off a smooth object designed to slip effortlessly though the water

Surfing was an important part of ancient Polynesian culture way before it was first observed by European visitors. The ancient wave riders rode boards made from timber.

When surfing was first exported to California young surfers worked out that they could use old candles to rub over the deck of their boards to give their bare feet more traction. From this humble idea, young surfers began mixing different waxes and chemicals together to produce the perfect material for ease of application and grip. This early development lead to surfers being able to pull of more radical moves on a board than previously achieved. More grip under foot means bigger turns, steeper drop-ins and control on faster waves.

A mysterious discovery that changed the world

In 1791 Cornishman William Gregor began a detailed chemical analysis on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. He unearthed a metal ore previously unknown to science with strange properties.

 Titanium – Named after the Titans of Greek mythology because of it’s other-worldly properties. It’s lightweight, tough, non toxic, non magnetic and non corrosive. Half the density of steel but with high tensile strength which makes it perfect for anything where weight and strength are important.  This made it a prized material for the aerospace industry in the early and mid 20th Century where it was developed and first alloyed.

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