Folding Pliers - PL01
Folding Pliers - PL01
Folding Pliers - PL01
Folding Pliers - PL01
Folding Pliers - PL01
Folding Pliers - PL01
Folding Pliers - PL01
Folding Pliers - PL01


Folding Pliers - PL01

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PL01 - Pliers


Introducing our very first folding pliers. This neat little product is designed to be minimal and easy to use but highly functional and robust. Full size pliers when in use, small when folded. A perfect everyday item to carry in your pocket or bag

All of our tools come with Windeler's patented Polnetik™ connector which allows them to connect to one another in any combination. The N52 Neodymium magnet is cocooned inside 316 stainless steel shells with a stepped CD pattern machined into the surface to guard from scratches and to keep your Windeler logo and lettering looking fresh for longer. Of course our connector is “hyper magnetic” to keep your tools bound together firmly under all conditions.


Full size plier jaws, Wire cutter, Slim folding design, magnetic closing lock


105mm x 25mm x 9mm

Jaw material
polished stainless steel

Handle materials
Stainless steel and hard anodised 6065 aluminium

Open length


Modular tools
Every tool contains Windeler’s Polnetik™ connector

corrosion resistant
We use materials and finishes that avoid corrosion so you can use your tools in all conditions

Easy to clean
Simply pull them apart, wipe them down or wash them off

No more jamming multitools
Windeler’s system prevents jamming mechanisms

Wire cutter and cable stripper


easy open, easy fold with magnetic closing lock

light and minimal for easy carry in a bag or pocket

Pliers in one hand, driver in the other. Snap them back together when finished


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4 colors available

At the core of every tool is Windeler's powerful Polnetik™ connector